Your Fishing Adventure

Salmon Fishing

Victoria is home to some of the best salmon fishing British Columbia has to offer. I will target what ever species is running, depending on the season.

Halibut Fishing

Halibut are more elongated than most flatfishes, the width being about one-third the length. Small scales are imbedded in the skin. Halibut have both eyes on their dark or upper side. The color on the dark side varies but tends to assume the coloration of the ocean bottom. The halibut taken by sport anglers are generally 20 to 60 pounds in weight, however fish up to 300 pounds have been caught in the waters from the Victoria area.

King Coop’s Fishing Charters offers halibut fishing charters when they are in season. Season ordinarily runs from February to December.

All halibut fishing charters are a 6 hour minimum.

Cod Fishing

Cod fishing in the Victoria area opens May 1st and runs through until September 31st.

During these months we can target many different species of rock cod and or of course lingcod.


We catch dungeness and red rock crab year round. Crabbing can be coupled with slamon, halibut and cod fishing trips upon request.